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About Restore-It Restoration & Cleaning in El Dorado, AR

Restore-It Restoration & Cleaning started with the intention to deliver the best restoration & cleaning services possible. The name was a thought from our 14-year-old son as we floated the Caddo River on a tube, discussing possible names. After the name was researched and was available for an LLC, we incorporated the business and began servicing our customers. During these early days, a friend and then supplier told me of a graphic designer. Restore-It’s logo was created and we proceeded with business cards – we were official!

These early years began our long process that didn’t grow as fast as I would have liked. I took odd jobs and worked in the fast food industry while trying to build Restore-It’s clientele. There are many people that were great cheerleaders of Restore-It and are continued beneficial factors of Restore-It Restoration’s success.

I would like to give these people a special thank you! You know who you are! Restore-It started out with zero sales and thanks to all of our great customers & our dedicated staff, Restore-It now employs 12 partners.

Restore-It plans to continue to strive to deliver excellent customer service with integrity and a smile! Thanks again to our staff and all the customers that have helped Restore-It’s continuing growth.

Marcus & Chrystal Osborn

Our Team